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LTI Korea Forum in the eastern United States


The LTI Korea US East Coast Forum was held in late October in New York City and famed college city
Binghamton, New York. Authors Mah Chong-gi, Gong Ji-young, Cheon Woon-young and critic Lee Kwang-ho
took part in the forum held at Binghamton University and the Meet the Authors event held at the Korean Cultural
Service, New York.
Held under the theme of “Rediscovering Korean Literature: Diversity of Contemporary Korean Literature,” the
forum was moderated by Choe Wolhee, Professor Emirata of English Literature at Polytechnic Institute, who is
also a translator and publisher. The panel, consisting of professors Michael J. Pettid, David Stahl, and Nicholas
A. Kaldis of Binghamton University and Robert E. Hawks of Hawks Publishing, exchanged valuable opinions on
the past, present, and future of Korean literature. The first forum hosted by LTI Korea in Binghamton still
attracted an audience of approximately 120, demonstrating a high level of local interest in Korean literature.

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