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LTI Korea: China Forum


Following the forum in Tokyo, the KLTI Beijing Forum was held jointly by LTI Korea and the
Research Institute of Korean Language and Culture at Beijing University. The forum was held on
September 8, 2009, at the International Exchange Center at Beijing University. The KLTI Beijing
Forum was the second of the KLTI forums, aimed at establishing a foundation for activating the export
of Korean literature with five cities as the foothold, and to enhance international exchanges among
writers, publishers, and translators. The forum was held in two parts, under the titles, “Publication of
Korean Literature in China,” and “Literary Symposium of Korean and Chinese Writers.”
The first part of the forum, “Publication of Korean Literature in China,” was attended by Professor
Hong Jeong-seon of the Department of Korean Literature at Inha University, a literary critic, and
Tong Bao Min, editor at the People’s Literature Publishing House in China. The second part, “Literary
Symposium of Korean and Chinese Writers,” was attended by the Korean writers, Kim Won-wu and Ha
Seong-ran, and the Chinese writers, Xiao Wan Hsien and Hong Ying.
The KLTI Beijing Forum, too, provided an opportunity to reflect on the achievements and challenges
of the introduction of Korean literature in China. Figures from the Korean and Chinese publication,
academic, translation, and media circles gathered together to discuss in depth the Chinese publication
market and the publication of Korean literature in China

The greatest achievement, above all, was the establishment of the direction Korean literature must
take in the future, by collecting and sharing a wide range of materials regarding the publication of
Korean literature in China, and also, the creation of relations with major figures with an interest in
the translation and publication of Korean literature in China, where publication of general literature is
difficult compared to that of other genres of books.
On practical methods of translating and publishing Korean literature in China, however, all those
involved in publishing, academic, and translating circles in China shared similar concerns, and agreed
that multilateral support by LTI Korea and mutual exchanges were urgent. In addition, an earlier
discussion on the need to foster translators with both passion and talent, and to build a foundation for
cooperation towards better footing of Korean literature in China, was continued as well.

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