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Korea-Russia Literary Event


"A meeting of Korean-Russian writers" was held on October 23, 2009, in Moscow, Russia, to promote writers' exchanges between Korea and Russia, and cooperation in the field of literature. The event was attended by eight literary figures, including Shin Kyung Sook, Eun Hee Kyung, Lee Tae Soo, Moon Tae Jun, and the Russian novelists, Anashkevich Marina Aleksandrovna, Mamleev Yuri, and poets, Boris Abramovich Skotnevsky and Korobov Vladimir Borisocivh, and also, literary cirtics, Yoo Sung Ho and Lev Anninsky. Following this event, on October 26, Korean writers were able to meet with Russian students studying Korean literature, at a book reading (Lee Tae Soo, Shin Kyung Sook) and the "Special Lecture by a Writer and a Critic (Moon Tae Jun, Yoo Sung Ho)," held respectively at the Moscow State University and Russian State Humanitarian University. In addition, Eun Hee Kyung attended the "4th Russian Essay Contest on Korean Literature," with her work, Secrets and Lies as the designated work, and met with the readers. It is anticipated that through these events, more people in Russia will be made aware of Korean literature. In 2010, a more diverse range of literary exchanges will be held in commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Korea and Russia.

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