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International Translators' Conference


LTI Korea has been promoting the development of professional translators since 2001. In 2007, LTI Korea
opened the Korean Literature Translation Academy with a focus on practical training. Encouraged by last
year’s success, three more courses were launched this year. The course participants were able to receive more
substantial training through a focused and systematic program.
Besides fostering new translators, a residency program that invites notable translators from overseas and
supports their long-term stay in Korea was held again in 2008. LTI Korea invited 29 translators working in
ten languages. The invited translators had the opportunity to meet Korean writers, collect information for
their translation projects, experience Korean culture, and learn about trends in Korean literature. Their stay in
Korea is expected to help strengthen their translations of Korean literature.
The 2nd International Translators’Conference focused on the future direction of Korean literature. For the
7th Korean Literature Translation Contest for New Translators, an annual event for fostering professional
translators and raising the translation of Korean literature to a new level, there was an overall increase in
interest from all the language groups represented.

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