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  • Republic of Korea

Seoul Young Writers' Festival

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  • Country
    Republic of Korea
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  • Period
    05/07/2006 to 05/13/2006


LTI Korea has staged a literary festival invited to Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Serbia, Mexico, Argentina, including 36 people in Seoul for young artists from 15 countries on four continents. International Association sponsored the "2006 Seoul Young Writers / 2006 Seoul Young Writers'Festival" while inviting artists such as room and board during the week 7 to 13 May in 2006 was held in Seoul and Yeongju, An-dong. Through this event, local readers I got the opportunity to enjoy the colorful young Writing in nine countries, cold, and international artists works of nine persons who have never been introduced to the country in the "Please open your eyes, you're already dead." was published in book publishing river anthology called, works by foreign poets were introduced through the "World literature" summer issue and "literary history" in June.

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