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What Is Darkening


What Is Darkening is a book of poetry which shows a mature exuviation. Seeing the intrinsic darkness of life, the poet casts off the hard shell of consciousness and can see 'thousands of colors' in a tree and hear 'too many sounds' in a drop. She is now a 'discriminator of cries.' Moreover, as conjurers heal ill souls with the uttering of an incantation, being possessed of a spirit, she soothes 'this swarming heart' with 'dreams locked in a dark ovary.' Therefore, the hurt is no longer so dark. Through the poet's alchemy, the hurt becomes 'shiny wounds.'

—Lee Insung, novelist



Here is a poet whose delicate eye discovers the meaning of life... When I read her poems, long ripened in her deep heart's core, I suddenly taste the depth and neatness of words.

—Choi Dooseok, poe

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