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Les Mensonges du Sewol


South Korea, April 16th, 2014; the sinking of the Sewol claimed 304 lives, most of them teenagers on a school excursion. Huge scandal that highlights multiple shortcomings, especially in the organization of rescue. This drama and its aftermath will contribute to the dismissal of Park Geun-hye, then president.

The story takes the form of a written statement by the narrator - a professional diver - intended to exonerate one of his colleagues, accused of manslaughter. He evokes the infernal search for corpses through the obscure labyrinth of the wreck, the serious trauma suffered by the divers and denounces the carelessness with which the operations were carried out, as well as the unjust accusations against those who have devoted themselves body and soul to return the remains of their disappeared families. The author does not cite the name of the ship, nor those of the real protagonists, wishing to give universal scope to this true novel. He indicates in the afterword that the diver who served as his model is no longer. The investigation which followed his death concluded that he had committed suicide.


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