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Lost Alleys


The "alleys" in Kooseul Kim's new book originate in her experience, since childhood, of the South
Korean capital's labyrinths of old backstreets. Navigating these winding alleys, she implies, provided
early training for her future calling in the mazes of language and literature.

Lost Alleys embraces the discipline of working through the puzzles of learning, whether formally or
in life lessons. Humble challenges, these poems suggest, lead to subtly meaningful treasures.

Lost Alleys' poems offer unconventional guidance for the self and society. In a millennium often in a
rush for quick answers, Kooseul Kim provides a reminder of the redemptive power of a carefully
cultivated heart and mind. Her writing draws discerningly on wisdom spanning East and West,
suggesting new possibilities for tending to the world of the everyday.


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