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○ An Introduction of Jeong You Jeong’s <O bom filho종의 기원>

- [PublishNews] Um mergulho sombrio na mente humana https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40969



○ An Introduction of Kim Un-su’s <Les Planificateurs 설계자들>

- [Aqui!Presse]  Un Roman Noir pour l'Eté : Les Planificateurs https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40959



○ Book Review : <Αγάπη για το λιγότερο τέλειο 완벽하지 않은 것들에 대한 사랑> by HAEMIN

- [Athens Magazine] Αγάπη για το λιγότερο τέλειο https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40946



○ Japanese literary magazine 『文藝』 published special issue of Korean literature

- [KAI-YOU] 『文藝』86年ぶり2度目の3刷決定 韓国文学・フェミニズムを特集 https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40942
○ An interview with Cho Namju and her participation in Osaka book event

- [CINRA.NET] 『82年生まれ、キム・ジヨン』著者のチョ・ナムジュが8月に再来日 https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40966
- [Yahoo!ニュース]  文学で響き合う日本と韓国『82年生まれ、キム・ジヨン』作者が感じる希望と意外な変化 https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40967
- [Yahoo!ニュース]   日韓で共感集める「キム・ジヨン」とは一体誰なのか 作者チョ・ナムジュが独占インタビューで明かすhttps://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40974
An Introduction of Kim Ae-ran’s <外は夏 바깥은 여름>

- [エキサイトニュース] 韓国現代作家の旗手の一人。スノードームの中に流れる時間と、置き去りになった人の心の揺れを、丁寧に描き込んだ名短篇集 https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40976



○ Book Review : <Pachinko> by Min Jin Lee

- [Newsline] Book Review: Pachinko https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40975



○ An Introduction of Kim Un-su’s < Likwidator 설계자들>

- [Polska Times] Kim Un-Su – Likwidator. Zabijanie za pieniądze to praca https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40977


An Introduction of Cho Namju’s <82年生的金智英82년생 김지영> et al.

- [性別就是力量] 《致賢南哥》:江南隨機殺人案後,韓國崛起的女性主義 https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40944





○ An Introduction of Min Jin Lee’s <Pachinko파친코>

- [Quartzy] PICKING A “DESTINATION NOVEL” IS THE SECRET TO GREAT SUMMER READING  https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40945
○ Book Review : <At dusk해질 무렵> by Hwang Sok-yong

- [npr]  At Dusk' Exposes South Korea Through A Variety Of Lenses https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40971

○ Book Review : <Flowers of Mold> by Ha Seong-nan

- [Hyperallergic]  The Unreality of Everyday Life https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40970





○ An Introduction of Choi Eunyoung’s <N CƯỜI CA SHOKO쇼코의 미소>

- [ELLE Vietnam] (Giới thiệu sách hay) Sách hay tháng 7/2019 https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40941