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The Rabbit's Tale 2020


The Korean classical novel Rabbit’s Tale (kor. Toggijeon) tells the story of a Dragon King who falls ill, and learns that only the special properties found in a rabbit’s liver can make him well again. He sends a terrapin ashore to find the rabbit and trick him into coming to the Dragon Palace. The rabbit outwits the Dragon King and narrowly escapes death. The Rabbit’s Tale 2020 is a full-length novel based on the classical tale, but reworked to be enjoyed as a contemporary story. Master Rabbit, like the Eastern sage Confucius, wanders from kingdom to kingdom preaching his political philosophy. The young Terrapin Apothecary, simple-hearted but wise, is at first the rabbit’s adversary, but the two later become comrades. The story also highlights a love affair between Master Rabbit and the Dragon Queen.


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