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Kim Hyesoon wins the Griffin poetry international prize

- [The Griffin Trust] Autobiography of Death by Don Mee Choi, translated from the Korean written by Kim Hyesoon and Quarrels by Eve Joseph Win the 2019 Griffin Poetry Prize https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40860
- [Open Book] Kim Hyesoon, Don Mee Choi, and Eve Joseph win 2019 Griffin Prizes, with Lifetime Honour for Nicole Brossard https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40861



○ An introduction of Kim Young-ha’s <猜謎秀 퀴즈쇼>

- [The News Lens] 金英夏《猜謎秀》導讀:被放逐的青春,第歐根尼的邏 https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40892



○ An introduction of Sun-mi Hwang’s <Η κότα που ονειρευόταν να πετάξει 마당을 나온 암탉>

- [TOC] TOC BOOKS: 3 βιβλία που θα ωφελήσουν όποιο παιδί τα διαβάσει το καλοκαίρι https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40916



○ Book Review : <The Good Son종의 기원> by Jeong You Jeong

- [Deccan Herald] Book Review: The Good Son, You-Jeong Jeong https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40917
- [The Hindu] ‘The Good Son’ by You-Jeong Jeong: When Yu-jin woke up https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40919



○ An introduction of Han Kang’s <CONVALESCENZA내 여자의 열매>

- [Vvox] “Convalescenza” di Han Kang, coreana dal piglio kafkiano https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40863
- [Il Foglio] Le giovani donne di Han Kang, travolte dal rifiuto di sé, sognano la rinascita (o la fine) https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40873
- [Foxlife] Han Kang, in libreria con Convalescenza, racconta il malessere delle donne coreane https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40904



○ An introduction of Cho Nam-ju’s <82年生まれ、キムジヨン82년생 김지영>

- [ダ・ヴィンチニュース] 【ひとめ惚れ大賞】この本は ケーススタディとして 「使うための本」なんです『82年生まれ、キム・ジヨン』訳者・斎藤真理子インタビュー https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40867

○ Japanese literary magazine 『文藝 문예 published special issue of Korean literature

- [PRTIMES] 「韓国・フェミニズム・日本」を約180ページ大特集。雑誌「文藝」リニューアル第2号、本日発売! プレゼント企画も実施中!https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40920
- [エキサイトニュース] 完売店続出! 「文藝」では17年ぶりの重版。「韓国・フェミニズム・日本」を特集した文芸誌「文藝」2019年秋季号。https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40921



○ An introduction of Han Kang’s < O Livro Branco>
- [Postal do Algarve] Leitura da Semana: O Livro Branco, de Han Kang https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40874
- [OBSERVADOR] O novo livro de Han Kang é tudo e não é coisa nenhuma https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40913



○ An introduction of Jeong You Jeong’s <El buen hijo 종의 기원>

- [GQ] Las mejores novelas sobre asesinatos para pasar un verano de muerte https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40859



○ An introduction of Hwang Sok-yong's <Парідеґі 바리데기>

- [Информатор] ТОП-10 книжных новинок июня https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40877



An introduction of Lee Min Jin’s <Pachinko파친코>

- [Nguoi Lao Dong] Thân phận người ly hương trong tác phẩm của những nhà văn châu Á https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40866