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○ An introduction to Cho Nam-ju's <82年生まれ、キムジヨン 82년생 김지영> and her participation in Book event
- [The Asahi Globe] 「キム・ジヨンの人生は“私の物語”」 著者チョ・ナムジュ、川上未映子と作品を語る https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/33405
- [産経ニュース] 「女性差別は感情で解決できない」 話題の韓国小説家が来日 https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/33436
- [Yahooニュース] 韓国100万部小説『82年生まれ、キム・ジヨン』が浮き彫りにするもの https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40606
- [BOOK asahi] 韓国で賛否両論のミリオンセラー「82年生まれ、キム・ジヨン」 翻訳者・斎藤真理子さんに聞く「共感と議論を呼ぶ理由」https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40559



○ An introductiom of Cho Nam-ju's <Kim Ji-young, Born in 1982 82년생 김지영>
-[The New York Review of Books] #KoreaToo https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/33396
 Book Review : Han Kang's <The White Book 흰>
- [NPR] 'The White Book' Finds Beauty In Loss https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/40566



○ <Тайная жизнь растений 식물들의 사생활> by Lee Seung-U on long list of the nomination “Foreign Literature” of the “Yasnaya Polyana”
- [lenta.ru] Неравный брак ─ Запретная любовь и проблемы мигрантов в лучших иностранных романах года https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/33627



○ Top 10 books about South Korea : <THE HEN WHO DREAMED SHE COULD FLY 마당을 나온 암탉> by Sun-mi Hwang et al.
- [The Guardian] Top 10 books about South Korea https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/33399
○ An interview with HEAMIN and his work, <Love for Imperfect Things 완벽하지 않은 것들에 대한 사랑>
- [The Guardian] The ‘mega monk’ who wants us to slow down and embrace our imperfections https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/33422
- [The Irish Times] What I learned talking to a Havard-educated Zen Buddhist https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/33420
- [GQ] This is how a buddhist monk keeps fit and healthy https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/33423



○ An introduction of Kim Un-su's <The Plotters 설계자들>
- [MACLEAN'S] 'The Plotters' by Un-su Kim and the rising profile of Korean literature https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/33415



○ An introduction of Han Kang and her works
- [Sueddeutsche Zeitung] Last des Lebens https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/33603



○ An introduction of <Prašau, pasirūpink mama 엄마를 부탁해>
- [UAB 15Min] Knygos ištrauka. Shin Kyung-sook „Prašau, pasirūpink mama“ https://library.klti.or.kr/node/33401



○ Kim Ki-taek's <Chiclete 껌>, first published in Brazil
- [estadão] Poeta sul-coreano Kim Ki-taek é traduzido pela primeira vez no Brasil https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/33443



○ South Korean writers : Kim Young-ha et al.
- [Báo Người Lao Động Online] Sức bật của văn học Hàn Quốc hiện đại https://library.ltikorea.or.kr/node/33419