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[Web Exclusive] A Poetry Reading by Poet Chong Hyon-jong "Dew"

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    Literature Translation Institute of Korea
  • Issued Date
    Vol.43 Spring 2019
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                                                              Chong Hyon-jong


Look at the river, our blood.

Look at the wind, our breath.

Look at the soil, our flesh.


Look at the clouds, our philosophy.

Look at the trees, our poetry.

Look at the birds, our dreams.


Oh, look at the insects, our loneliness.

Look at the horizon, our longing,

flowers’ ecstasy, our joy.


Where are you heading for? Into whose body?

With your heart going pit-a-pat. Into whose breath?

The road is open, the infinite of the road -


A tree breeds a cloud, a cloud

breeds the river, and the river breeds birds,

and the birds breed a wind, and a wind

breeds a tree...


The cool and green road is open.

The swirl of the road, drunken and dizzy.

The breath, the waterway, a blood vessel...


The road, the grave spider web

a dew drop yielded there -

(Emptiness becomes subtle existence.)

Dew that devoured the sun, a thing of all,

Dew made from the rolling wind, of all,

Dew that baked the lightning, of all,

Gathered as a drop, the juice of all,

Dew that slept with thunder and bore thunder

Dew, the mirror of Neptune and Pluto

Dew, passing through the worms’ gut,

rolling in the voice of birds, finally

formed on the grass leaves....


translated by Chung Eun-gwi

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