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Korean Literary Event in Japan with Author Jeong You Jeong

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    11/13/2018 to 11/17/2018
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2018 Korean Literary Event in Japan with Author Jeong You Jeong

Korean literary events featuring author Jeong You Jeong was held in Tokyo and Fukuoka, Japan, from November 13 to 17. The events were centered on Jeong’s novel < Seven Years of Night>, first published in the country in 2017, and involved meetings with readers and interviews with local media.

On November 13, a screening of the film adaptation of < Seven Years of Night> was held at Cinem@art Shinjuku in Tokyo. The screening was immediately followed by a meeting between local readers and Jeong. Readers were delighted to hear Jeong discuss the adaptation from the perspective of the original author and talk about the similarities and differences between page and screen. Jeong remarked that knowing both versions of the story would make the experience more enjoyable.

On November 14, LTI Korea held an event featuring Jeong and Japanese author Kubo Misumi at the Tokyo B&B Bookstore on the theme of ‘Between Fact and Truth’. The writers began by discussing their impressions of each other’s work, their creative processes, and the ideas they wanted to communicate in their writings.


On November 16, LTI Korea held an event featuring Jeong and Japanese writer Kakuta Mitsuyo (well-known to many Korean readers) at the Nishitetsu Inn Fukuoka. The event was on the theme of ‘The Concept of Evil in Literature’. In addition to being beloved by their respective home readers, the authors shared many commonalities. They exchanged questions on each other’s works and creative processes, with audiences listening with rapt attention.


On November 17, Jeong attended the award ceremony for the Korean Literature Book Report Competition hosted by Fukuoka University and gave a lecture on the topic of ‘Discussing the Abyss of Humanity’. The Book Report Competition is an initiative supported by LTI Korea and hosted by a local educational institute. The award recipients were given their awards by the judges and Jeong personally. Banghwa Kang, translator of < Seven Years of Night>, also took the stage with Jeong and spoke about translation and Korean literature.

Jeong’s novel The Good Son is scheduled to be published in Japan in early 2019 through Hayakawa Publishing. Audience surveys conducted at the event showed that those in attendance were even more excited for Jeong’s second novel in Japanese thanks to the event.

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