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Translation Workshop at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark

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    11/07/2018 to 11/09/2018
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2018 Translation Workshop at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Korean literature translation workshop was held in the University of Copenhagen with author Gong Ji-Young from November 7 to 9.
The workshop was focused on Gong’s short story < Grandma Doesn’t Die>. Professor Karin Jakobsen from the University of Copenhagen Department of Korean Studies founded the Modern Translation Class as part of the department’s Advanced Language Course, directing the two-term translation course. The nine students who completed translating the short story were invited to participate in the workshop, which was held near the end of the term. On November 7 and 8, students had the chance to ask Gong about the questions they had during the translation process.

November 8 was the award ceremony for the Korean Literature Book Report Competition at the University of Copenhagen. Coordinator Barbara Wall headed the competition, which was open not only to students from the Korean Studies department, but from other departments, as well as non-students. Participants submitted book reports based on the English translation of Gong’s novel Our Happy Time. The top four entries were awarded, and the ceremony was followed by a discussion between Gong and the audience.

The translation workshop at the University of Copenhagen closed on November 9 with a reading session. Students read excerpts of their translations with Gong, with one student presenting a sequel she had written to Gong’s original story.

The workshop at the University of Copenhagen was particularly meaningful, as it was the first Korean literature translation workshop held in Denmark. LTI Korea hopes the workshop will become a catalyst for the university—the center of Korean studies in Denmark—to produce future translators of Korean literature.

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