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Korean Literary Event in Vietnam

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    Hanoi, HO Chi Minh
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    11/14/2018 to 11/18/2018
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Korean Literary Event in Vietnam with Author Eun Heekyung
Korean literary events featuring author Eun Heekyung was held in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, from November 14 to 18.
On November 14, Eun spoke to students from the Department of Korean Studies at Thang Long University in Hanoi about her literary perspective, focusing on her novel Gift of the Bird. In a show of great interest and passion for Eun, over 100 students filled the venue in spite of the event being held during the holidays.

On November 17, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, hosted the award ceremony for the Vietnam Korean Literature Book Report Competition, which centered on Eun’s Gift of the Bird. A significant number of entries were received, and the ceremony was attended by over 120 students. The award ceremony also involved student dance performances with Korean pop music, a quiz competition on Korean literature and culture, and a question and answer session with the author. Students posed keen, thoughtful questions about Eun, her work, and Korean literature, paving the way for discussion that was fruitful for all parties involved.

On November 18, LTI Korea held a literary exchange event in front of the Tre Publishing House Bookstore, situated at the Ho Chi Minh Book Street. The event was held in cooperation with Tre Publishing House, featuring Eun and Vietnamese author Do Thien Tui. Multiple events took place on the street that day, but the LTI Korea-Tre Publishing House event attracted the largest number of guests. The featured authors discussed their commonalities of having been born after devastating wars, and having published novels dealing with three generations of a family. They discussed not only their own literary visions, but also the Korean and Vietnamese literary worlds, as well as politics, culture, and society. Coverage from local broadcasters, newspapers, and magazines helped promote the events to local residents.

The events raised local readers’ interest in Korean literature and will act as catalysts for further literary exchange between the two countries. LTI Korea will continue to pursue author exchanges, as well as the translation and publication of Korean literature in Vietnam.


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