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Korea-Turkey Translation Workshop

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    Republic of Korea
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    10/22/2018 to 10/26/2018


Korea-Turkey Literary Translation Workshop was held in the Literature Translation Institute of Korea from October 22 to 26, with eight emerging Korean-Turkish translators in attendance. This workshop was a follow-up to the First Korea-Turkey Literary Translation Workshop hosted by the Translation and Publication Grant Programme of Turkey (TEDA) in Antalya in 2017. The event set the foundations of Korea-Turkey exchanges by encouraging the development of new Korean-Turkish translators and by scheduling meetings and cooperative workshops involving the translators and Korean authors.

The workshop was led by Professor Göksel Türközü of Erciyes University in Turkey, translator of multiple works of Korean literature into Turkish (including The Vegetarian by Han Kang) and winner of the 2017 LTI Korea Translation Award for his translation of The Salmon Who Dared to Leap Higher by Ahn Do-Hyun, alongside Professor Oh Eun-kyeong of Dongduk Women’s University, who translated Az and other works of Turkish literature into Korean. On the mornings of the five-day workshop program, translators rendered “Three Stories” by Gursel Korat into Korean under the guidance of Professor Oh. In the afternoons, translators worked on “Age Twenty” by Kim Yeonsu, translating the short story into Turkish with Professor Türközü.

On October 25, author Kim Yeonsu joined the translation workshop for “Age Twenty”. Translators had the chance to personally ask questions about the short story and reflect the author’s responses in their work.

On October 26, the final day of the program, translators finished the workshop with a reading session, where each participant had the chance to read out parts of the translation they worked on over the course of the week.

The 2018 Korea-Turkey Translation Workshop will serve as a solid foundation for the nurturing of Korean-Turkish literary translators and the development of sustainable exchanges between the countries.


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