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Poetry – Hearing Shin Mina’s Poetry in Chinese

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Poetry reading session

Poetry is a consecutive bilingual poetry reading session featuring the poet and the translator, jointly hosted by LTI Korea and the poetry bookstore Wit N Cynical. The poet chooses the works to be translated ahead of time, and the translator works in cooperation with the poet for the translation process. Four such sessions were held in 2017 with LTI Korea Translation Academy students. (June: You Heekyoung-Spanish, July: Ha Jaeyoun-English, October: Kim Hangsook-French, November: Moon Taejun-German)

 For the fifth session of Translation : Poetry, LTI Korea Translation Academy students Zhuang Xiao and Li Xia translated nine pieces from poet Shin Mina’s anthology <Shingo, Rago Bulleotda (Called, Shingo)> into Chinese. Of the poems, <Shingo (Shingo)> was translated by both students in a display of individual creative interpretation. The poet also gave a reading of the visual poetry she created for the event to enthusiastic audience response.

The consecutive reading was followed by a question and answer session with the audience. One audience member, a translation student, asked about the difficulty of translating between languages that have their own distinctive characteristics. The translators expressed their agreement with the difficulty of reconciling the linguistic and cultural difference between languages and remarked that there was no one correct answer, but that they did everything they could to make the reading experience accessible for audiences in the target language.

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