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Classics Symposium and Special Lecture

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    06/08/2018 to 06/09/2018


The Literature Translation Institute of Korea (LTI Korea) (President: Kim Sa-in) hosted the second seminar on Korean classics for speakers of European languages in Moscow from June 8 to 9.



Targeted towards professors of Korean studies at prominent European universities, this year’s seminar on Korean classics followed in the footsteps of its 2017 predecessor held in Salamanca, Spain, and was hosted in the culturally and artistically vibrant city of Moscow.


The seminar was held at the Institute of Asian and African Studies at Moscow State University, with 20 scholars from countries including Spain, Britain, Germany, Austria, Finland, Bulgaria, and Latvia in active attendance.


LTI Korea also held meetings with Professor Yuri Mazey, Head of Moscow State University’s Department of International Educational Cooperation, and Igor Abylgaziev, Director of the Institute of Asian and African Studies, to affirm both institutions’ commitment for future cooperation and further exchange. The parties also had an in-depth discussion on a commemorative event to celebrate the 100th birthday of Professor Park Mikhail, founder of the Department of Korean Studies at Moscow State University and one of Russia’s foremost contributors to the field of Korean studies.



LTI Korea also visited Russian publishers AST and Khudozhestvennaya Literatura to discuss future cooperative efforts and ways to promote Korean culture and literature in the Russian-speaking world.


With 16 imprints under its name, AST is Russia’s largest publisher and has been working alongside LTI Korea since 2016, publishing Russian-language editions of Han Kang’s The Vegetarian, Oh Sae-young’s A Thousand Nights of Sleep, and the Korean classics anthology Korean Folk Tales. The publisher previously invited Oh Sae-young to the 2017 Moscow International Book Fair to celebrate the publication of A Thousand Nights of Sleep, to the pleasure of many local readers.


Khudozhestvennaya Literatura is a publisher with a rich history dating back to its founding in 1930. The company has been working with LTI Korea since 2012, its body of Korean literary works including Ko Un’s Maninbo, Yi Mun-yol’s Son of Man, Kim Ji-ha’s With Burning Thirst, Eun Heekyung’s Beauty Looks Down on Me, Anthology of Korean Poetry in Classical Chinese, and Anthology of Classic Korean Poetry.


LTI Korea also visited the All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature for a meeting with President Liudmila Skachkova of the Foreign Literature Library Center for International Exchange, and President Evgeny Reznichenko of Russia’s Institute for Literary Translation. As organizations sharing the similar goal of sharing their respective country’s literature with the world, LTI Korea and Russia’s Institute for Literary Translation agreed to future cooperation and exchange. Russia’s Institute for Literary Translation extended an invitation for LTI Korea to attend the award ceremony for the 2018 translation award that will be jointly hosted by the All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature and the Russian Institute for Literary Translation.

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