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CLASSIC KOREN TALES with commentaries


11 Classic Korean Narratives including Myths, Folktales, Sino-Korean Novels and Poetry
Readers can come to know not only the pleasure of reading stories, but also delight in learning about Korea through this book, like Korean culture, Korean history and Koreans' ways of thinking in the old days. Even though this book consists of only Korean classic narratives, this doesn't mean that only Koreans can understand it. Everyone can understand and enjoy a “Classic.” 

What Brings "Classics" Alive is the Readers' Empathy
A lonely boy becomes a hero who establishes a nation; a daughter who is abandoned becomes a goddess who manages death; a wife and husband, both ordinary people, become a queen and king in a foreign country or gods of a country. These stories show that if people take advantage of their merits and use their power in support of others, they can accomplish wonderful things and gain happiness even when they possess nothing special. The reason that these stories survive for such a long time without being forgotten and move the people who read them is that people consider the thoughts and feelings in these stories to be precious.

A Way of Communicating with Time: The World of Classical Imagination
Reading the classics is similar to the experience of communicating across time. The world of classics, which appears interesting and mysterious, also contains the dreams and hopes of contemporary people. Even though the past has disappeared, we are encountering the dreams and hopes of people from olden times as you read the classics and fall into the world of these stories


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