'The Accusation: Forbidden Stories From Inside North Korea' unravels seven stories by Bandi, the pseudonym for the writer who still resides in North Korea. Smuggled out by an escaping relative, Bandi’s manuscript was translated by Deborah Smith and is his first and only published book to date. Bandi was born in a northeastern province of Hamgyeong and was a child during the start of the Korean War. Bandi gravitated towards literature and began to make a name for himself when his writing was first published in North Korean magazines in his 20s. After putting off his writing career, he eventually joined the Chosun Literature and Art General League, where he became a contributor to different periodicals. Bandi was spurred into action after living through the famine of the 1990s after he witnessed many people live through miserable conditions and committed to denouncing North Korea’s contradictory socialist system...

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