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The Beijing International Book Fair

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    08/23/2017 to 08/27/2017


 The 2017 Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) took place from August 23 to 27 at the China International Exhibition Center (New Venue). The BIBF is the largest book fair in Asia, and is overseen by China National Publications Import & Export (Group). This year marks the 24th BIBF, with 288m2 out of 92,700m2 of floor space allotted to the 19 organizations at the Korea pavilion. LTI Korea has been participating in the BIBF every year to maintain a clear understanding of the Chinese publishing market and to strengthen connections with local publishers.


 The Korea-China exchange environment has shifted greatly in recent months, but it was clear from the number of publishers and readers visiting the LTI Korea booth to ask questions about Korean literature and the support program that Korean literature has not lost its standing in the Chinese market. LTI Korea also received inquiries about cross-publication, stemming from the Chinese publishing industry’s strategy to expand into overseas markets. The change in environment will require the establishment of a sustainable cooperative model with China that takes into account China’s policies and advice from the Chinese publishing industry.


 This year, LTI Korea’s booth expanded its operations beyond pitching its collection of translation samples to publishers. By delivering the narratives of how Korea’s varied writers became published overseas, LTI Korea secured new avenues of publication. Meetings with publishers and translators from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore also helped pave the way to boost the expansion of Korean literature outside of mainland China as well.

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