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Korean-Russian Literature event in Russian State Library


On September 7, LTI Korea held an event at the National Library of Russia to celebrate the Russian publication of Oh’s poetry anthology, and held a reading of Cho’s <Rogiwaneul Mannadda (I Met Roh Gi-wan)>, which was translated and published in Russia in 2016. The two Korean writers were joined by Russian novelist 블라지슬라브 오트로쉔코 and poet Igor Volgin, along with 알렉산드르 리베르칸트, the editor of a foreign literature magazine, for a meaningful day of literary exchange. The Russian version of Oh’s poetry was read by co-translator 아나스타시아 포가다예바, and Cho’s novel by Professor Lee Sang-Yun of Saint Petersburg State University. The reading enraptured the audience, made up of listeners who were passionate about Korean literature.

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