Time: Novermber 23 (Thursday), 2017 19:00~ 

Place: LTI Korea Library 

How to attend: Advance reservation via email (academy@klti.or.kr)

Reception: Until midnight on Sunday, November 19, 2017

※ Anyone interested can attend and the fee is free. 

※ Lecture will be conducted in Japanese and there will be a Korean interpreter.


Critic Wakamatsu Eisuke

Literary critic and essayist. Born in 1968. Graduated from Keiō University, where he majored in French literature. One of his most recent books is Tamashii ni fureru: Daishinsai to ikiteiru shisha (Coming in Contact with Souls: The Tōhoku Quake and the Dead Who Remain Alive). Among his other works are critical essays on Japanese thinkers, such as Izutsu Toshihiko (1914–93), a professor and author of books on Islam and other religions, and Uchimura Kanzō (1861–1930), a Japanese Christian who influenced many writers and intellectual leaders of modern Japan.

Source: http://www.nippon.com/en/authordata/wakamatsu-eisuke/