When the rain falls are you quickly running away? When the wind blows, do you let it have its way? Do you know who you are, without a doubt? Would you always choose love, no matter the sacrifice amount? Is your mind open, does it trust the universe? Or do you live each day as though it were rehearsed? This collection of poetry will awaken a wide range of emotions. It will challenge you to face your fears, embrace heartache, and live life to the fullest. It will cause you to examine your heart and mind, questioning your ability to embrace art and beauty all around. This collection will also assist you in your quest to obtain freedom in areas that currently hold you hostage. As you embark on the journey this book holds, breathe easy and relax. Although the road is at times bumpy, in the end your soul will be at peace, your heart will be open and your spirit renewed.

LTI Korea Library Holdings