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    Title: Exploring Korean Treasures

    Author: Liu Hong-jun

    Genre: Non-Fiction / Humanities / Essays


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  • About the book


    This book is a collection of short sketches of Korean cultural properties which the author, an art historian, considers important in both the artistic and historic sense. Although the title is Exploring Korean Treasures, he discusses not only the National Treasures or Treasures of Korea, but also other cultural properties he would like to introduce, including those owned by museums abroad. Under the categories of “Painting & Calligraphy,” “Crafts & Pottery,” “Sculpture & Architecture,” and “Overseas Korean Cultural Properties,” each article consists of exposition paired with a photograph on the facing page, in some cases sustained through two or three iterations, to aid readers’ understanding and appreciation. With professional knowledge he explains each artwork’s aesthetic value with historical background and interesting episodes which even foreigners who have had little opportunity to experience Korean culture would find enjoyable.  


    About the author


    Hongjun Liu is an art historian and a best-selling author. He is a former Head of the Cultural Heritage Administration and is currently a chair professor at Myonji University. He led many field investigation programs and wrote My Journeys into Korean Cultural Heritage. This series includes eight books on Korean cultural heritage, including one on North Korea, and four books on Japanese cultural heritage. Its first book sold more than a million copies, the first million-seller for non-fiction in humanities. Considering that books about artworks and relics are rarely best-sellers, the popularity of him and his books is exceptional. The four books about Japanese cultural heritage are now in process of being translated into Japanese, and Exploring Korean Treasures is being translated into Japanese and Spanish.  


    About the translators


    Vincent M. Wagner

    Vincent received his M.A. in English at the Pennsylvania State University. After spending a couple years teaching university in Korea, he spent time living in Japan and Oman. He currently teaches English in France at the University of Pau.


    Soyoung Jung

    Soyoung received a Ph.D. of English Literature at Seoul National University and taught at Yongin University until August, 2014. Since, she has been translating books while teaching as a part-time lecturer at the university level. 


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