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Korean Poetry Events in Germany at Berlin’s Literaturhaus


The Literature Translation Institute of Korea (LTI Korea, President: Kim Seong-Kon, professor Emeritus at Seoul National University) supported the participation of critic Park Cheol-hwa and poets Park Sangsoon, Lee Sumyeong, and Moon Hye-jin at literature events in Berlin, Germany from June 13 to 19.


On June 15, LTI Korea hosted a Korean literature event in cooperation with the Korea Cultural Center in Germany at Berlin’s Literaturhaus. The event, moderated by literary critic Kai Köhler, was attended by over 50 Germans and was an opportunity to give an in-depth introduction to the poets’ literary worlds. Of particular note was the presence of German poets Simone Kornappel and Norbert Hummelt at the event, which allowed for an active discussion on the poets’ respective works of poetry and a comprehensive analysis of their works. The event was accompanied by a variety of audiovisual material that assisted the audience’s understanding of Korean poetry, drawing an even more positive response from those in attendance.


Another Korean literature event was held on June 16 at the Brecht Haus in Berlin. Critic Park Cheol-hwa moderated the event with over 30 people in attendance, and the poets had the opportunity to describe their creative inspirations and writing processes in detail. German stage actor Miachel Hase’s spirited poetry reading in particular was received very well, and the reading was followed by an active Q&A session with the audience.




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