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Meeting with My Brother


Yi Mun-yol's Meeting with My Brother is a sobering yet hopeful depiction of the volatile relationship between the divided Koreas. Yi, the narrator, is a South Korean university professor searching for his father, who defected to the North at the outbreak of war. Instead he finds his half-brother, and their tense meeting takes a surprising turn. This semi-autobiographical account upends the West's assumptions about North Korean life.


[Review] Janet Poole, translator of Eastern Sentiments by T'aejun Yi

"Meeting with My Brother is a detailed and believable account of the different politics and desires coalescing along the Korean border, where people are both wishing for and dreading national reunification. The reunion of the brothers in the story is moving but not overly melodramatic, with Yi Mun-yol refusing the romanticization of blood ties. His story rejects the notion of easy reunification and explores the situation with nuance and sensitivity."

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