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The Turin International Book Fair / Korean Literature Event in Milan

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    05/08/2017 to 05/14/2017
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In the second week of May, the Literature Translation Institute of Korea (LTI Korea, President: Kim Seong-Kon, professor Emeritus at Seoul National University) held a Korean literature event in Milan with author Hwang Sok-yong, and participated in the Turin International Book Fair and hosted a meeting with local readers.


Hwang was first introduced to Italian readers through the 2005 Italian publication of Mr. Han’s Chronicle (Il signor Han), which was followed by a steady stream of translations including The Guest (L’ospite), The Shadow of Arms (L’ombra delle armi), Shim Chong (Come l’acqua sul fiore di loto), and the recent LTI Korea-supported publication of Princess Bari (Bianca come la luna) in 2016 by famous Italian publishing house Einaudi.


On May 16 at 7 PM, Hwang met with local readers at the Gogol and Company bookstore in Milan to discuss his literary world, the challenges and problems facing literature, and the globally-relevant issue of migration—a prominent motif in Princess Bari. The event was attended by over 30 readers and moderated by Marco Del Corona, a literary journalist at the prominent Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera.


On May 18 at 4:30 PM, Hwang and Italo Calvino award recipient Marcello Fois met with readers at the 30th Turin International Book Fair. The Turin International Book Fair is an annual event held every May in the northern Italian city of Turin, and is the largest of its kind in the country with 250,000 visitors and 250 publishers from over 40 countries in attendance. Over 50 people were in the audience as Hwang spoke about the theme of this year’s event—Crossing Boundaries—and how it resonated with his life, his experiences with migration, and his literary world. He also discussed Princess Bari and the other two works in the East Asian collection, The Guest and 심청, providing the readers with a deeper understanding of the worlds portrayed in his works.


Through these events, LTI Korea brought Hwang Sok-yong and his works into the Italian spotlight and gained insights into the local publishing market and its trends, while preparing a foundation for future cooperation with prominent publishing houses. LTI Korea hopes to introduce Italian readers to a greater variety of translated works of Korean literature in the future.


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