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Fête du Livre de Bron & Events at Aix-en-Provence and Arles

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    Bron, Aix-en-Provence, Arles
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    03/12/2017 to 03/14/2017
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From March 12 to 14, the Literature Translation Institute of Korea (LTI Korea, President: Kim Seong-Kon, professor Emeritus at Seoul National University) sponsored the participation of Korean author Lee Seung-U at the Fête du Livre de Bron, and hosted Korean literature events in Aix-en-Provence and Arles with Lee Seung-U and fellow Korean author Jeong You Jeong.


The Fête du Livre de Bron is an annual book festival taking place in the city of Bron in southern France. This was the 31st festival, with Lee Seung-U and over 40 other authors from France and abroad in attendance. On the afternoon of Sunday, March 12, Lee participated in a meeting with readers at the festival, and discussed ‘books of instability’ alongside Italian author Claudio Morandini. With over 200 people in attendance, the two writers discussed their respective opinions on creation and translation, and about their respective literary worlds. After the meeting, they held an autograph session with local readers.


On the afternoon of Monday, March 13, LTI Korea co-hosted the IRASIA seminar on Korean literature alongside publishing company Decrescenzo Éditeurs and the Asian Literature Translation Research Institute of Aix-Marseille University. Facilitating the the seminar were Pierre Kaser of Aix-Marseille University and Jean-Claude de Crescenzo. Lee Seung-U, Jeong You Jeong, translator Jean-Noël Juttet, and LTI Korea President Kim Seong-kon participated in the seminar. The event was a forum of discussion about the authors and their literary worlds and translation, with over 20 scholars of Asian literature, professors, and translators in attendance.


Another Korean literature event was held that evening at the Aix-en-Provence Bibliothèque Méjanes municipal library. The event was attended by about 250 local readers and Korean literature majors from Aix-Marseille University. Readings of excerpts from Jeong’s Seven Years of Darkness (Les nuits de sept ans , Decrescenzo, 2016) and Lee’s Guilt Begets God: Songs on Earth (Le chant de la terre, Decrescenzo, 2017) were held in Korean and French, one after the other, followed by the authors’ discussion on their respective works and a Q&A session.


In the evening of Tuesday, March 14, the Arles Collège international des Traducteurs littéraires (CITL) hosted a Korean literature event. The event was attended by over 20 people, including readers and the CITL’s translators-in-residence. The authors had a chance to answer many varied questions about their role models, the sources of their inspiration, their writing processes, and the different eras of Korean literature and their defining characteristics.


Working in cooperation with Decrescenzo Éditeurs, a French publisher specializing in Korean literature, LTI Korea created an opportunity for the focused introduction of Korean authors to a varied group of readers. LTI Korea will continue to expand a reader base for Korean literature overseas.

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