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Overseas Translation Workshop Program

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    12/01/2016 to 12/03/2016
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On the 1st and 2nd of December, LTI Korea (President Kim Seong-kon) held a Korean literature translation workshop at the National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations (INALCO) in France.

Having begun under the supervision of INALCO in 2014, the French language Korean literature translation workshop is now in its third year.

This year the work chosen for translation at the workshop was novelist Yun Ko-eun’s short story ‘Burning Work.’ The eight students participating in the workshop began translating the story back in October, each doing their own translations and meeting for group discussions with the guidance from Jeong Eun-jin, professor of Korean Studies at INALCO. Through this two-day workshop the participants were able to meet and talk with the writer and put the finishing touches to their translations before holding a public reading of their work with the writer.

On the first day of the workshop writer Yun Ko-eun gave a special talk under the title of ‘Speaking My Literature’ where she elaborated on her works, her reasons for writing and the background to her work process, as well as giving a more detailed explanation of ‘Burning Work.’ Through this talk the participating students had an opportunity to better understand the writer and her work, share the impressions and thoughts they had in the reading and translation process with the writer, and ask any questions they had about the work.

On the second day of the workshop time was set aside for the participating students to read their translated work in front of a large audience. At the reading which was attended by around 170 undergraduate and master’s students of Korean studies at INALCO, writer Yun Ko-eun also read a section of ‘Burning Work’ in Korean, allowing those in attendance to hear the subtlety reminiscent of a day-dream in the language and rhythm of the original.

Through this workshop it was possible to confirm the consistent interest and passion for Korean literature among students in France. In particular, in a university environment where theoretical learning is more prominent, students showed an even greater enthusiasm for practical translation and achieving a completed work. It is hoped that these budding translators will go on to become the driving force behind the development of quality and quantity in the translation and publication of Korean literature in French.

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