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2 016
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베를린 문학관 Literaturwerkstatt
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LTI Korea attended the Frankfurt Book Fair which was held from October 19 to 23. On the occasion of the fair, LTI Korea also organized promotional events in Berlin, Frankfurt, Bonn and Tübingen for Writer Song Sok-ze, whose a Novel were published this year in German translation by Horlemann. Therefore, On October 21, Song Sok-ze participated in a discussion at "Weltempfang" at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Song had a deep discussion with german writer Juan Guse on the theme of this discussion, "Das Leben ist lächerlich(Life is ridiculous)". LTI Korea also organized a reading session for Song at Literaturwekstatt in Berlin on October 24. The Session was moderated by Katharina Borchardt from the literature desk at the German radio channel SWR2 (Südwestrundfunk2).

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