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Import/Export_Marseille, Seoul


LTI Korea hosted French and Korean poets in Seoul from October 10–14 for the second session of the poetry translation atelier. The joint translation workshop titled “Import/Export_ Marseille, Seoul” was run in collaboration with the Centre International de Poésie Marseille as part of the celebrations of the 130 years of diplomatic relations between Korea and France. The first session was held in May in Marseille. The participants included poets Park Sangsoon, Yi Ki-Seong, and Kang Jeong from Korea and poets Anne Portugal, Pierre Parlant, and Guillaume Fayard from France. The second session saw the Korean poets translate the poems of their French counterparts with the help of professional translators. The Korean poets worked from a rudimentary translation and strived to recreate the poems in Korean while trying to keep alive the rhythm and phonology through detailed discussion with the French poets and listening to them recite the poetry in French. On the last night of the workshop, LTI Korea held a reading event for the poets at Wit and Cynical, bookstore specializing in poetry. The event was attended by around sixty people. Kang Jeong recited Guillaume Fayard's poem "Ceux qui nagent a cote" followed by Yi Ki-Seong's take on Anne Portugal's "Et comment nous voila moins epais." Finally, Park Sangsoon gave his reading of Pierre Parlant's "O stupefiant naguer."

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