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The Forgotten and the Unforgettable: Literature Traversing Between Memory and Obilvion


Welcoming Remarks - Kim Seong-Kon

The Forgotten and the Unforgettable - Hae Yisoo


Bae Suah --

Essay) Past Lives / Fiction) From Noin Ula

Cheon Myeong-Kwan --

Essay) The Memory of Time

Fiction) Me and Frank

Fritsch, Werner --

Essay) Lethe and Eunoe/TheRiver of Oblivion And The River of Re-Remembering

Fiction) Nico - Sphinx of Ice

Gamboa, Santiago --

Essay) Of Poets and Aviators

Fiction) Night Prayers

Hae Yisoo --

Essay) Not Remembered but Quite Valid

Fiction) Om Shanti

HAM Jeung Im --

Essay) One Spring Day - The heart's unbearable journey

Fiction) After the Dinner party

Jeong You Jeong --

Essay) A Memory of Death, And of A Corpse

Fiction) Shoot Me in the Heart

Jinji --

Essay) Today, the Memories I have Caught

Fiction) A Life Unintended

Kim Kyung-uk --

Essay) How Did I Become A Writer?

FIction) Big Brother

Kim Soom --

Essay) The Pigeon in The Palace

Fiction) The Story of Roots

Mendoza, Lili --

Essay) The Forgotten and the Unforgettale

Fiction) The Cut

Tong, Wei-Ger --

Essay) Hard to be Remembered

Fiction) Hide

Vann, David -- 

Essay) The Forgotten and the Unforgettable

Fiction) Ichthyology

Zegham, Mohib --

Essay) Nothing was forgotten but one thing...

Fiction) The Bound Man

An Heonmi --

Essay) After That ocean

Poetry) Chamber Music |Cairo|Love|A Political Poem|Deep Work

Baros, Linda Maria --

Essay) The A4 Highway knows not forgetting

Poetry) The Children Put Through the Sieve|Touchscreen Reality| The Triple Bridge. The Cylinder Block of the Pineal Eye|The Insemination Pistol|People Go Out in Thin Slices

Benova, Jana -- 

Essay) The Forgotten and the Unforgettable

Poetry) King|Steel Man Glass Woman - Ⅰ. Everything Burned Him Like An Albino Sleeping In The|Ⅱ. Children As Decoys|Ⅲ. The stell Man Hates|Ⅳ. Swimming Pool

Cunningham, Paula --

Essay) The Forgotten and the Unforgettable

Poetry) Geography And Sweetshops|The Cloudhous|Driving North|Fathom|At St Malachy's Church

Dema, TJ --

Essay) Unreliable narrator: thoughts on the forgotten and the unforgettable

Poetry) Just Because|The Art of Listening|Lethe-After the mythological Greek River of forgetfulness|Mutineer|You Who Have Forgotten

Ha Jaeyoun --

Essay) The Cold That Seeped Into My Bare Feet

Poetry) Machinery|A Romantist|Hello, Dracula|Things of Only Once|My very Own Life

Khadanovich, Andrei --

Essay) The Catcher in she Sky

Poetry) Post-Impressionism|Phantom Joys|A Reminder|Belarusian Men|The Poetry Center

Kim Sun-Woo --

Essay) The Pained Loves of Our Here and Now Represent Our History

Poetry) 69-Room where Samsin Halmi Plays|Weeping over Wetlands|Fourtenn-year-old Dancing Maiko|To My Boundless Revolution|The Tomb of the Person Nobody Hates

Lee Sumyeong --

Essay) Feathers

Peotry) A Warehouse|A Broken Stair|Teeth Dancing|Lefthand|Rain is Falling, Rightland Rain is Not Falling|something the Window is Reflecting

Manninen, Teemu --

Essay) Memories of Rome

Poetry) Lilac Vesper|The Crooked Plough|Hymn|The Promise of Spring|The Cure

Moon Taejun --

Essay) The Forgotten and the Unforgettable: Holding in one's hands the seed received from Nature

Poetry) Flatfish|Early spring|Loss|Toward Me, a Bird|The Sound of Grandma Reciting a Poem

Pak Jeong-de --

Essay) Revolutionaries Write Poetry, and Perform

Poetry) Musics|Instructions for the Use of a Zippo Lighter with Che Guevara|Leftist Evening Listening to Tom Waits|Dingbat Heights|Pardon, Pardon Pk Jeong-de

Park Sangsoon

Essay) A rose blooms red-in a dark corner of the globe's alleyway, in history, in an individual's memory the size of a mote of dust

Poetry) A Starlit Night|Charlotte Hélène|Love Adagio|goodbye, My Ghost|Passing the Cotton Field, a Boy Went Away



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