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To Dream of a Mountain by Park Wansuh

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    Literature Translation Institute of Korea
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    Vol.32 Summer 2016
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#1 I felt it was my duty to write about the Korean War I experienced in Seoul./Those were much more terrible and painful times than anything I wrote about in my novels. #2 1950, the Korean War begins #3 The government has fled from Seoul, the capital. One family is left in a vacuum of ideology. #4 "Do you think there's a line that distinguishes between our side and the enemy?” #5 "It's not just any frontline. It's the battle of two ideologies. We cannot expect him to come back alive." #6 Told in the realistic voice of a twenty-year-old girl caught up in the turmoil of war #7 "Mom had lost her only son, the light of her life, and my sister-in-law had been widowed, so theirs was a life of those who carried on living because they could not die #8 But I had all the opportunity to be happy. #9 I had been through so much, but I was still only twenty. #10 I was so, so young." #11 Park Wansuh, a giant in Korean literature #12 Her testimony of living through the atrocities of the Korean War #13 A record of the times that turns the wounds of war into literature #14 My novels are not the product of a great mind, they are simply the result of my anguish at being crushed under the wheels of history. -Park Wansuh (1931-2011)

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