[도서소개] 책소개 The doctrinal importance of Hebrews is exceeded by none, not even by the Roman Epistle. Where its teachings are believed, understood, and embodied in the life, ritualism and legalism (the two chief enemies of Christianity) receive their death blow. In no other book of Scripture are the sophistries and deceptions of Romanism so clearly and systematically exposed. So fully and pointedly are the errors of Popery refuted, it might well have been written since that satanic system became established. Well did one of the Puritans say, "God foreseeing what poisonous heresies would be hatched by the Papacy, prepared this antidote against them." [목차] 1. Introduction 2. The Superiority of Christ over the Prophet 3. Christ Superior to Angels 4. Christ Superior to Moses 5. Christ Superior to Joshua 6. Christ Superior to Aaron 7. Infancy and Maturity 8. Apostasy 9. The Twofold Working of the Spirit 10. The Two Classes of Professors 11. Two Christians Described 12. Christian Perseverance 13. The Anchor of the Soul 14. Melchizedek 15. The Priesthood Changed 16. Judaism Set Aside 17. The Perfect Priest 18. The Two Covenants 19. The Typical Tabernacle 20. The Contrasted Priests 21. Eternal Redemption 22. The Mediator 23. The New Testament 24. The Great Sacrifice 25. The Typical Sacrifice 26. The Divine Incarnation 27. Christ's Dedication 28. The Perfecting of the Church 29. Sanctification 30. Access to God 31. Christian Perseverance 32. Apostasy 33. The Apostates' Doom 34. The Path of Tribulation 35. The Saving of the Soul 36. The Excellency of Faith 37. The Faith of Abel 38. The Faith of Enoch 39. The Faith of Noah 40. The Call of Abraham 41. The Life of Abraham 42. The Faith of Sarah 43. The Perseverance of Faith 44. The Reward of Faith 45. The Faith of Abraham 46. The Faith of Isaac 47. The Faith of Jacob 48. The Faith of Joseph 49. The Faith of Moses' Parents 50. The Faith of Moses 51. The Faith of Israel 52. The Faith of Rahab 53. The Faith of the Judges 54. The Achievements of Faith 55. The Pinnacle of Faith 56. The Family of Faith 57. The Demands of Faith 58. The Object of Faith 59. A Call to Steadfastness 60. Divine Chastisement 61. A Call to Steadfastness 62. A Call to Diligence 63. A Call to Examination 64. A Warning against Apostasy 65. The Inferiority of Judaism 66. The Superiority of Christianity 67. The Call to Hear 68. The Passing of Judaism 69. The Establishing of Christianity 70. The Kingdom of Christ 71. The Final Warning 72. Brotherly Love 73. Marriage 74. Covetousness 75. Contentment 76. Motives to Fidelity 77. The Heart Established 78. The Christian's Altar 79. Christ Our Sin Offering 80. Outside the Camp 81. The Christian's Sacrifices 82. Christian Rulers 83. A Good Conscience 84. Praying for Ministers 85. The Apostle's Prayer 86. Divine Exhortations 87. Spiritual Freedom 88. Conclusion


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