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    Title: The Goat Herder Woman

    Author: Jeon Gyeong-rin

    Genre: Novel


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  • About the book


    The title piece of her first collection of shorts “The Goat Herder Woman” is about a woman who lives an isolated, broken life alongside a husband who watches videos till three or four in the morning. She desperately attempts to break through to the other side. The heroine receives an image of a goat from a madman, a medium representing the suppression women have to endure in their lifetime or the anguish of a writer’s life. Through this short story the author claims that a life lived true to desire is the only way to retain the self. The woman escapes her apartment complex, herding a flock of goats ahead of her while holding an umbrella to shelter herself from the pouring rain and relentless wind. This scene is probably the most peculiar of any in Korean literature. Jeon has written about the unbearable burdens of being a woman repeatedly in her works through lyrical expressions. Her idea of love is far from overused concepts such as “self sacrifice” or “tolerance.” Passionate and reckless, it is always denounced by a society whose mores and systems it challenges. This intense rejection is what characterizes her novels.


    About the author


    Jeon Gyeong-rin, alias “author of pathos,” is considered the best romance novelist in Korea’s literature scene. Her novels recreate the conflict between a woman who desires to be loyal to her inner impulse and a social system that refuses her the right to do so. The heroines in her stories are mostly unhappy and are pictured as if their misfortune is inevitable. For example, Jeon’s debut Desert Moon did an excellent job in displaying the internal turmoil of a woman who falls in love with a peasant servant. Later the relationship turned out to be an incestuous one; the woman is crucified for taking risks for love.


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