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Import/Export_Marseille, Seoul


LTI Korea and the Centre International de Poesie Marseille held the first round of “Import/Export_Marseille, Seoul,” a co-translation workshop, in Marseille, France from May 9–13. Korean poets Park Sangsoon, Lee Gi-seong and Kang Jeong, and French poets Anne Portugal, Pierre Parlant and Guillaume Fayard participated in the workshop.


The first round of the workshop concentrated on the translation of the Korean poets’ poems. The French poets prepared a first draft and then worked on the translation together with the Korean poets. The workshop not only allowed the French poets to discuss the poems in detail with the Korean poets, but also gave them the chance to capture the rhythm and phonology of the original poems by listening to recitations in Korean, which resulted in “living and breathing” translations.


Fourteen poems were translated at this workshop. On the last day, a recital was held in which the audience could listen to the French translations being recited.

The second round of “Import/Export_Marseille, Seoul” will be held in Seoul in October and will see the Korean poets translating the French poets’ poems.



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