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International Poetry Festival of Buenos Aires

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    Buenos Aires
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    06/07/2016 to 06/10/2016
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LTI Korea held events in Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina from June 2–11 with poet Moon Chung-hee. These event in Chile was arranged as part of a Korean literary festival organized by the Korean embassy in Chile, while the event in Argenitna was organized at the invitation of the organizing committee of the International Poetry Festival in Buenos Aires.

On June 2, the Korean embassy in Chile organized an event titled “An Evening of Korean Literature: A Meeting with Korean Poets” at the Crown plaza hotel, atacama hall, which was attended by around eighty people, including officials from the Chilean Education Ministry, publishers, and lovers of Korean literature.


Moon gave a lecture on the topic of “Woman, Love, and Life,” after which she recited two of her representative poems, and two poems by internationally renowned Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and was met with an enthusiastic reaction from the audience.


The event was made even more special with the participation of Mirta Jara, Editor-in-Chief of Zig-zag Publishers, who are working on a project with the Korean embassy to have Korean fables included in Chilean schoolbooks, and Chilean short story writer Paz Corral who recited Moon’s poems in Spanish.


On June 7, thirty-five poets from eighteen countries, including Moon, attended the opening ceremony of the International Poetry Festival at the CCK cultural center in Buenos Aires. The festival opened with welcome addresses delivered by Graciela Aráoz, president of the Argentinian writers association and head of the organizing committee of the festival, and Hernán Lombardi, director of media content for the federal government, followed by exchanges between the participating poets, and poetry recitations.


On June 9, an event titled “Poets on Megaphones” was held at the Mercado del Progreso market in Buenos Aires. The participating thirty-five poets ambled through market reciting their poems on megaphones. Moon recited her pome “Declaration of Flowers” and received warm applause.

June 10, Moon participated in “Recital de poesía diez” , Spanish poet Berta Garcia Faet, and Paraguayan poet Numy Silva and recited four of her most popular poems. The audience, numbering around hundred people from varied backgrounds, from Argentinian civilians to writers and academics, were all ears during her recitation. The overwhelming interest of the locals for poetry could be felt as opinions were briskly exchanged amidst a thoughtful but free atmosphere.

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