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​<​Asia Literary Review​> Publishing Special Issue on Korean Literature

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    05/10/2016 to 05/13/2016
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The Asia Literary Review (ALR) held events in collaboration with LTI Korea from May 10 to 13 to celebrate the launch of its latest issue, which celebrates Korean literature. LTI Korea took writers Cheon Myeong-kwan and Han Yujoo, whose stories are included in ALR’s spring issue, to London to give readers in the UK a chance to interact with them. Deborah Smith, the winner of the 2016 Man Booker International Prize for Han Kang’s The Vegetarian, also attended these events.

On May 10, Cheon, Han, and Smith participated in the Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival, a month long celebration of literature, at London’s Asia House. At the event, moderated by Phillip Kim, managing editor of ALR, Cheon and Han talked about different aspects of Korean society from the perspective of a writer. In the reception that followed, the audience listened to the writers talk about the process of writing and their motivation for writing.

On May 12, LTI Korea took the writers to SOAS, University of London to meet with students and the public. The event moderated by Prof. Grace Goh started with presentations about Korean literature, which is coming into the limelight in the world market. Next, Cheon and Han read excerpts from their novels My Uncle Bruce Lee and Speeding Past that were included in the latest issue of ALR. This was followed by a discussion between the writers and Smith about different features of their work.

On May 13, Cheon, Han, and President Kim attended an event held at the Korean Cultural Center in Trafalgar Square and discussed the recent trends and the future of Korean literature with BBC’s Simon Richardson.

Thirty people drawn through lottery had the chance to attend the following event in which the writers spoke on the topic: “The Modern Korean Family: Function or Dysfunction?” Literary agent Kelly Falconer moderated the event. The audience asked the writers questions about the idea of the family that appears in their works, about the social status of women in Korea, and about Korea’s traditional social hierarchy. 

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