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The Future of Silence


Spanning almost half a century of contemporary writing in Korea (from the 1970s to the present), The Future of Silence brings together some of the most accomplished twentieth-century women writers with a new generation of young, bold voices. Their work takes us into the homes, families, lives, and psyches of Korean women, men, and children.

Pak Wan-sŏ, at the time of her passing the elder stateswoman of contemporary Korean fiction, opens the door into two “Identical Apartments” where neighbors, bound as much by competition as friendship, struggle to “keep up with the Kims” as they transition from life in an extended family to a new nuclear-family lifestyle in a sterile apartment complex. O Chŏng-hŭi, who has been compared to Joyce Carol Oates and Alice Munro, examines a day in the life of a woman recently released from a mental institution, while younger writers, such as Kim Sagwa, Han Yujoo, and Ch’ŏn Un-yŏng explore psychosis, literary experimentation, and bi-racial childhood. These stories will sometimes disturb and sometimes delight, as they illuminate complex issues in Korean life and literature. Internationally acclaimed translators Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton have won several awards and fellowships for the numerous works of modern Korean fiction they have translated into English.



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