Korea was invited as the Guest of Honor at the 2016 Paris International Book Fair, held from March 16–20, in celebration of 130 years of diplomatic relations between Korea and France. Nearly 3,000 writers from 45 countries attended the fair where around 800 events were held. A total of 30 Korean writers, including writers of literature, children’s illustrated books, manhwas and webtoons (online comics) were in attendance at the fair and participated in 47 different events held at various locations, including the Guest of Honor country pavilion, the National Book Centre booth, and the exhibition hall. 15 Korean writers and poets, including Hwang Sok-yong, Oh Junghee, Eun Heekyung, Yi In-seong, Lim Chulwoo, Lee Seung-U, Kim Young-ha, Han Kang, Kim Un-su, Kim Junghyuk, Kim Ae-ran, Jeong You Jeong, Mah Chonggi, Moon Chung-hee, and Kim Hyesoon attended the fair. LTI Korea organized several events in collaboration with the French National Book Center and the Centre Culturel Français, which introduced the French public as well as the French publishing world to diverse facets of Korean literature. Major French dailies such as Le Monde, Le Figaro, and Liberation carried articles that covered the Korean events at the fair as well as articles that introduced works of Korean literature, while bookstores throughout France and the Paris Library Association highlighted works of Korean literature for the duration of the fair. Thus, the fair proved to be an opportunity for Korean literature to be introduced to a broader range of audience not only in France but in Europe as well. LTI Korea also showcased classical Korean works as well mystery novels at the Guest of Honor country pavilion. LTI Korea also invited specialists from a wide range of fields to a round table on the theme “Modern Interpretation of Korean Classics.” In addition, a symposium on globalization strategies of Korean traditional pansori music at the Paris Sorbonne University.

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