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Translation workshop on Korean literature

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    11/26/2015 to 11/28/2015
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LTI Korea organized a translation workshop at the INALCO (Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales)from November 26–28. The short story translated during the workshop was Hae Yisoo’s “Burglary on a Chilly Afternoon.” Around 10 bachelor’s and master’s students from the Korean Studies Department at the university attended the 3 month long workshop and translated the text under the guidance of Prof. Jeong Eun-Jin. Hae Yisoo participated in the translation on the last three days of the workshop. Discussing the story with the writer helped the students to understand it better and improve their translations. Hae also gave a book reading and a lecture on the topic “The influence of the story’s backdrop on the writing,” which was attended by more than 100 students of the university.


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