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Translation workshop on Korean literature

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    12/04/2015 to 12/05/2015
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LTI Korea held a translation workshop at University of Rome from December 4–5.Twenty bachelor’s students and two master’s students majoring in Korean Studies participated in the workshop during the current semester and translated Chun Woon-young’s “The Aftertaste of Sea Squirts” under the guidance of Prof. Antonetta Bruno from the Faculty of East Asian Studies.As part of the workshop, LTI Korea presented the students with the opportunity to meet Chun Woon-young and discuss the story in detail with her, thereby helping them improve their translations. As part of the two-day workshop, LTI Korea also organized 3 special lectures given by publishing and translation experts, as well as presentations by 3 students on their experience of translating the story.During the Meet the Author session, Chun Woon-young told the students how she was inspired to become a writer by explaining the meaning behind her name, and also spoke about the world she wanted to capture in her stories, as well as the inspiration behind “The Aftertaste of Sea Squirts.” During the following Q&A session, the students asked her several questions related to the translation, including the psychology and intentions of the characters and also why she chose to use Sea Squirt in her story.The workshop met with a great response from the students despite it being a non-credit program. LTI Korea hopes such workshops will help produced many talented translators of Korean literature in Italy in the future.

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