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Argo Press was founded in 1992 and it has published more than one thousand titles in 19 years. The rule number I of our publishing policy is teamwork. Our editorial staff has been trying to look for and sort out interesting books by established writers, and at the same time to discover remarkable new authors. Our house has a reputation for top copy- and line-editorial work, on translations as well as on original Czech manuscripts. The cooperation between technical editors and graphic artists and printers is very friendly and creative, and Argo has always been open to new, young and beginning artists, who make our books to look special. A big focus is put on marketing and there is very few Argo's titles which would not be reviewed by a major paper.


Since we have been looking for and supporting talented writers and translators Argo has become a brandname of quality literary fiction and historical non-fiction, translations as well as of Czech origin. We also take a very special interest in graphic layout of our books. Many of our books have been awarded for the contents or the looks. Complete list of awarded books you can see here.


We run several series. AAA (Anglo-American Authors) series offers outstanding contemporary American, English, Australian and Canadian writers (shortly, translations of literary fiction from English). SSP (Contemporary World Fiction) series offers translations of literary fiction of foreign non-English origin.


Recently we have made our offer more colorful with trendy fantasy, sci-fi and chic-lit titles. In non-fiction there have been historical series (like Historical Thinking, Everyday Life, Ecce Homo and The History of Europe) highly popular for years, and there are some new ones, like Capricorn in the field of antropology.


Every year our catalog offers three or more big illustrated art books.

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