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The Beijing International Book Fair / LTI Korea: China Forum


LTI Korea organized promotional events as part of the Shanghai International Literary Week, which kicked off on August 18, and the Beijing International Book Fair, which was held from August 26 to 30.


The Shanghai International Literary Week is held during the Shanghai International Book Fair as an outlet for writers from different parts of the world to gather and discuss literature and to interact with readers.

LTI Korea attended the festival with writers Song Sokze and Lee Seung-U whose novels In Search of the King and The Private Life of Plants, respectively, were recently published in Chinese translation by Translation Publishing House.


The two writers recited their favorite poems during the Shanghai Poetry Gala Night function held on August 20. Song Sokze recited poet Chong Hyon-jong’s poem “Can’t Bear It” while Lee Seung-U recited poet Cho Chong-Kwon’s poem "The Mountaintop Graveyard 1.”


On August 23, LTI Korea held a book launch and book signing session for the two writers at the Shanghai International Book Fair. Chinese readers thronged the event, buying as many as ten books each to gift their friends signed copies.


A special event for Lee Seung-U was held on August 22 at the Sinan Mansions which is popular as a venue for literary events. Lee and the editor held a discussion on the theme “Unfulfilled Love” in relation to his novel The Private Lives of Plants. Lee also read an excerpt from the book.


On August 23, Song Sokze held a discussion with Chinese writer Xiaobai on the theme “The Korean Wave and Korean Literature in China” at the Shanghai Library. The two writers discussed topics like the theme of the Shanghai International Literary Week “The East,” issues related to the Korean literary world, and characters that appear in In Search of the King. With the venue being a public library, the event was flocked by Chinese readers of all ages who participated actively in the subsequent Q&A session.


LTI Korea took the writers to attend the Beijing International Book Fair which kicked off on August 26. The fair was attended by 2,302 publishing agencies from 82 countries this year, and more than 1,000 cultural events were held as part of the fair. LTI Korea displayed 56 books that were translated and published with its funding, and held meetings nearly 50 publishing firms. LTI Korea donated the books it displayed to the Shanghai Library after the fair ended.



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