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A Map, Unfinished: Shadow of Glass by Lee Yun-gi


At the end of Shadow of Glass, the author’s note begins: I think that through the collective unconscious, on a broad scale the history of humanity, and more narrowly, the history of one clan resides within a single person. I still have something to say, coming from the depths of my heart. I want to tell it to my friends of the younger generation. These two quotations show us plainly what we can expect to gain from reading Lee Yun-gi’s novel. As we read, we encounter generalities gleaned from a condensed version of life in the form of maxims. The maxims closely resemble the teachings of any sacred text, but by depicting life in such detailed, concrete terms, they move us as no scripture can. If scriptures are teachings, from this perspective, one can say Lee Yun-gi’s novel can be considered the aesthetics of reflection. Through reading about life in the novel, we come to examine our own lives.


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