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The Story of a Dwarf Family, the Urban Poor: The Dwarf by Cho Se-Hui


It was in December of 1975 when the short story “Knifeblade,” the first in the collection titled The Dwarf, was published. The mythology surrounding this collection of short stories reached its peak the following year, with successive publications of “The Möbius Strip,” “Space Travel,” and “A Dwarf Launches a Little Ball.” The collection consists of 12 short stories, of which the shortest comes to no more than some 40 pages in a 200 manuscript page collection. Even longer versions of the collection come to no more than 250 manuscript pages, and can be considered as the launch into an official career by Cho Se-Hui, who had remained silent for over a decade since his debut in 1965. Through his words, the history of Korean literature was finally able to integrate Korea with the shadowy aspects of its society, a result of the developmental dictatorship in the 1970s.


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