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A New Horizon for the Korean Coming-of-Age Novel: Anchovy by Kim Joo-Young

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    NOV 09 2014


I teach at a university in China, with a degree in Korean Literature. It follows, naturally, that I should take part in promoting Korean literature in China. I am truly grateful for the opportunity I have been given to do so through the translation grant program of the Korean Literature Translation Institute. While studying literature in Korea, I encountered many authors indirectly through their work. As I was merely a student at the time, direct encounters with authors in most cases seemed only a remote possibility. Upon returning to China, I came across a chance to participate in a Chinese-Korean writers’ conference hosted by Paradise Culture Foundation, as a translator and simultaneous interpreter. Thus, I was fortunate enough to meet Korean writers I had admired as a student, and to meet Director Kim Joo-Young of Paradise Culture Foundation, himself a novelist, who gives continued support to the Chinese-Korean writers’ conference. At the suggestion of Nam Yeongjeon, the former director of Changbaishan—a major Korean literary journal in China—the Chinese translation of Anchovy, a novel by Kim Joo-Young, was set in motion, with myself as the translator.



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