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Walking Through Fire: I Must Be the Wind by Moon Chung-hee

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    FEB 16 2015


The home of one’s memory will never exist again in any time or space, therefore I think of home as loss and loneliness. “My first home, Mother’s womb / has become earth in Ilsan Park cemetery /… / my high school Jinmyung by the Blue House is now a government office, / the Sangdo village house of my college a grand hotel…” (“Where is My Home?”). Home, a nonexistent notion that frays the edges of life. Its nonexistence creates an inexplicable undercurrent of loneliness and loss that runs throughout all lives. When one realizes that they can never return home again there is a moment of utter loss and loneliness. This moment is where Moon’s poetry exists This loss and loneliness spreads like an infection so that you cannot pinpoint the source but only know that it’s pervasive and unrelenting: loss of identity as a woman, as a person, as a poet. Such loss creates an impossible and inescapable loneliness.



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